Friday, November 11, 2011

Computer Registry

Where does spyware come from? What does it do?

These programs/applications can come from Web sites that download music or offer free software, or even from certain popup ads if you click anywhere inside the ad instead of hitting the X button to get rid of it.
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Cookies are almost inevitable (most websites use them, and some won’t even work without them), and rarely a problem as they are very easy to clean up or even not accept, but the threat posed by key loggers, diallers and Trojans is much greater.
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A key logger can record anything you type, including your passwords, e-mail messages, credit card numbers, and even your online chats. Diallers will secretly hang up your Internet connection and redial premium services that can run up your long-distance bill. Trojans can embed programs which will open "backdoors" into your computer to allow hackers to steal data or make your pc unusable.

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